ORIGINATE Background
The Origin
In 1994, we launched ENVISION, pioneering consumer-driven brand strategy.
We build a dual competency in research (via consumer psychologists) and strategy
(via seasoned marketers). Since the beginning, Consumer benefits, defined by the value expressed through the users’ eyes, guide our strategy development. Our deliverables focus on understanding the Intangibles—the highest level on the Benefit Hierarchy—as these are the primary reason for Brand Commitment, the basis for loyalty.
The Acquisition
ENVISION was acquired by McKinsey & Company in 2001, the leading global management consulting company. They sought the ENVISION Brand Equity model, extensive databases, and ability to extend the intellectual capital to create a Global Brand Standard.
The Founders
Eric Arnson & Mark Mitten pursued divergent paths following their 3 year stint at McKinsey. Eric embarked on exploring the nature of commitment through the eyes of volunteer, educational and spiritually-based organizations. In particular, he continues to serve the Willow Creek Association in the area of Spiritual growth.
Mark became a producer on The Apprentice, creating and producing episodes for three seasons, while pioneering integrated brand placement. He is currently leads Brand & Creative development for Chicago2016, as Chicago is a Candidate City for the 2016 Olympic Games.
In addition, Terry Schweizer, a long time colleague and distinguished researcher, has joined ORIGINATE as a Managing Partner.
ORIGINATE is their return to market research based strategy.
Our Role
We act as consumer advocates striving to help the company deliver benefits their customers are seeking while remaining pragmatically steeped in business realities.
We work within the context of the existing business vision but help redefine the relevant internal capabilities necessary to deliver the desired results.
We generate external and internal impact using proven processes, tools and experience for generating consumer-inspired growth.
Our Values
We operate as a values-based organization. These values provide us with the guidelines by which we do business.
Mutuality (good for all)