Principles for Achieving Growth
1. Adopt a customer-defined view of the marketplace opportunity that defines the nature of the need and permits a clear definition of the opportunity platforms (benefits).
2. Create a distinct vision within an expansive marketplace view to ensure growth headroom and depict a clear set of opportunities you should own.
3. Secure loyalty by owning the ‘intangible’ drivers of choice which create distinctive competitive advantage rather than on category “antes”.
4. Determine fiscal possibilities within the realm of options by assessing the feasibility and economic viability of a given value proposition (current test, pipeline, new creation, etc.).
5. Embrace only essential strategic imperatives by focusing on what must change to achieve the goals, minimize the rest.
6. Recalibrate core capabilities necessary to deliver growth building from existing strengths while investing in the emergent skills.
7. Instill a vibrant feedback process to precisely measure and reward what you must change.