Eric Arnson
Eric is a curious guy. He likes to understand why consumers make the choices they do.
He pioneered a new marketing philosophy: Consumer-driven Brand Strategy. This well documented approach redefined the core tenets necessary for effective consumer marketing. This included a rigorous opportunity assessment through understanding needs (over 60 categories); defining the nature and basis of the consumer relationships
(via intangible and tangible benefits);
and quantifiably validating the drivers
of preference (through a dependent variable model with behavioral and attitudinal components).
Eric began his professional career at Procter & Gamble.  He later joined Beecham Cosmetics as Director of Marketing.  He was one of the original partners at Cambridge Group, leaving to launch ENVISION which was acquired by McKinsey & Company.  He was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, serving as a leader in the North American Branding Practice.  He also led numerous Brand engagements, focused on integrating ENVISION’s innovative growth strategies and insightful quantitative methods with McKinsey’s traditional supply side strengths.
A graduate of the University of Michigan, studying psychology and rhetoric, Eric was also instrumental in helping define and validate an in-depth understanding of Spiritual Growth. He is a contributing author for REVEAL: Where Are You? He also serves as a knowledge architect for the Willow Creek Association (WCA) In addition, he continues to research and teach Leadership development in conjunction with the ‘Leadership for the Public Good’, an initiative encouraging broad based service and philanthropy.
Terry Schweizer
Terry is a problem solver at heart.
He brings clarity to complex issues and research questions.
For over 20 years, he has been leading research projects that have consistently advanced—or even redefined—the existing knowledge bases. His ability to help structure and collect ‘actionable’ research has set him apart, helping elevate the role of research in strategic decision-making. Clients truly enjoy his thoughtful and thorough approach.
They, too, value his ability to ensure
the usefulness of the data collected.
Before joining ORIGINATE as a Managing Partner and Research Director, Terry served as the Vice-President, General Manager of TNS, the world’s largest custom market research firm. He was responsible for leading the Chicago Office, the second largest regional sales and service group in North America. He led a staff of 35 professionals, including account executives, project managers, narrative and statistical analysts.
He is well known for his work in creating over 40 market frameworks and brand equity studies that allowed his clients not only segment their markets but truly improve precious resource allocation, advance marketing efforts and guide new product development. His clients include consumer goods firms Kohler, Kimberly-Clark, Quaker, SC Johnson, Unilever, World Kitchen and Wrigley; financial service companies HSBC, Allstate, PNC and State Farm; and marketing consulting firms Prophet, ZS Associates, McKinsey & Company, and The Cambridge Group.
In addition, he has extensive experience in the spiritual growth area. Partnering with both the Willow Creek Community Church and Willow Creek Association,
he has been recognized for the market defining insights published in REVEAL: Where Are You? and the in-depth sequel FOLLOW ME: What’s Next
For You?
Terry received his undergraduate double-major in Marketing and Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and his M.B.A from Marquette University. He is married, a proud father of five, and resides in the greater Chicago area.