The Growth Challenge
1. Growth demands unwavering commitment—the Will to Grow. Senior management must rigorously emphasize, and reinforce, growth as the number 1 priority with rigorous, consistent delivery across all internal and external touchpoints.
2. Growth—for growth’s sake—is not always good. Growth can be sacrificial resulting
in short-term volume gains by compromising long term strength
3. Growth must harness the tangible & intangibles elements. Intangibles are both emotive and Identity based that connect to specific, well-defined tangible assets.
4. Growth requires a supportive, practicing culture. The structure and environment should encourage risk, tolerate failure, and most importantly, translate insights into institutional knowledge and effective decision making.
5. Growth potential must be combined with the realities of competency, economics and risk, often requiring an evolution of the company’s business model.
6. Growth requires a portfolio view of the brands, products and services—understanding how each major aspect influences the others.
Never before has there been a greater need for Consumer Inspired Growth
Lack of understanding what consumers truly value and what they will pay
Inability to effectively anticipate where and what to invest in for future growth
Traditional external growth levers are losing their impact
Forgoing genuine growth and instead embracing sacrificial growth
(near term volume gains which compromise long term strength and value)
Our approach can deliver enduring growth within the scope of the agreed up company vision. It provides several disciplines, which deliver superior and enduring results, by increasing brand commitment.
Consumer View: Provides great clarity on who you should serve, why they are committed, what is your true basis for advantage
Benefits: Defines the essential benefit bundle (antes & drivers) required to be successful, while identifying which benefits are not relevant, all in the context of your brand’s evolution and category migration
Intangibles: These are the basis for brand commitment. Depicting them, connecting them to the tangible levers and offerings that you control, and finally measuring the strength and effectiveness.